Carbon Lighthouse believes you should pay only for the energy you use


“Carbon Lighthouse believes you should pay only for the energy you use,
 not the energy you don’t.
 But much of the energy we pay for is wasted and has no value.
 So we pioneered an approach called Efficiency Production
  that converts wasted energy into guaranteed revenue, 
uniting commercial interests
 with our mission to stop climate change”.

The energy industry is shifting to a new paradigm that aligns business interests with long-term sustainability. It is now significantly profitable for businesses to prioritize reducing carbon emissions and Carbon Lighthouse is leading a new industry paradigm. Carbon Lighthouse is starting with the biggest energy hog…..Buildings. According to the Institute for Market Transformation, U.S. businesses and consumers spend $450 billion powering their buildings each year, with up to 30% of that energy wasted on inefficiency.

Carbon Lighthouse makes it easy and profitable for building owners with their approach called Efficiency Production. The process allows the engineers to evaluate buildings to uncover hidden and scattered inefficiencies that add up. The inefficiencies are corrected and monitored to allow Carbon Lighthouse to guarantee savings of between 20-30 percent. Additionally, Carbon Lighthouse offers secondary underwriting by globally-recognized insurer MUNICH RE providing an additional layer of confidence to clients.

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