Our Vision & Mission
Sennet Capital is a Hawai’i merchant bank with a vision of using its local expertise and relationships to help grow a stronger and more sustainable Hawai’i economy in an increasingly globalized marketplace. We pursue this vision by concentrating on long-term prosperity of Hawai’i’s local mid-market companies.

Sennet Capital helps Hawai’i mid-market companies grow their businesses through transitions of ownership, mergers, acquisitions and strategic financings. These companies are the backbone of the Hawai’i economy, providing both jobs and vital goods and services in industries ranging from manufacturing to product distribution to marketing and technology services. We assist through direct investment or acquisition, capital sourcing, strategic planning, and positioning for merger or acquisition. Our team of partners and advisory board members, drawn from Hawai’i’s top executives, has a tremendous depth of experience, local and global expertise, relationships and investment capital to help local companies confront and prosper in the face of difficult issues, from generational transition to national and global competition.

Hawai’i provides excellent opportunities to companies and investors who can navigate its unique economic, cultural, political and regulatory environment. At Sennet Capital, we are proud of our deep roots and passionate commitment to the long-term prosperity of this unique and marvelous community that we call home, and gladly offer the assistance of some of Hawai’i’s most successful and well-known business leaders to those who would like to join in perpetuating and growing a vibrant local Hawai’i economy.

Sennet Capital is a merchant bank that provides strategic financial and advisory services and private equity financing to mid-market and renewable energy companies and projects. Our team of founders, partners, and advisors are committed to helping Hawai’i companies to maximize potential while maintaining local values, and to provide focused, professional business analysis while tailoring services specifically to clients’ needs.

The distinctive role of Sennet Capital’s 30-member Board of Advisors, comprised of many of Hawai’i’s most respected and successful executives, allows Sennet Capital to provide specific expertise from leaders in a range of industries—from real estate, energy, commercial banking, travel and tourism and technology—together with access to long-term connections in capital sourcing. Our team’s collective, diverse experience uniquely positions Sennet to help portfolio companies create, articulate, and execute clear, focused strategies.

Clients benefit not only from Sennet Capital’s active engagement, business acumen, and network of resources, but our propensity to execute. Whether your goal is ownership transition, market expansion, capital formation, or achieving liquidity through divestiture or restructuring, Sennet Capital’s proficiency and established relationships in Hawai’i, the U.S. mainland, and Asia Pacific can help unlock the true value of your company.