Aloha Petroleum

Sennet Capital was instrumental in advising on the creation of a multi-million dollar sale-leaseback transaction for creation of a new retail site on Maui for Aloha Petroleum, which will operate a convenience store and retail fuel products outlet adjacent to a new Foodland supermarket there.  The resulting transaction provided the operator with a custom built-to-suit facility while providing the investor with solid returns and a low-risk transaction structure that achieves the long-term needs of the investment.

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Anthology Marketing Group is the largest integrated marketing services firm based in Hawaii and among the leading such firms in the western U.S. Its four marketing disciplines –advertising, public relations, interactive and market research – represent capitalized billings in excess of $90 million and 130 employees in Honolulu, Seattle and the Bay Area. AMG was created through the acquisition of Starr Seigle Communications, Inc. by McNeil Wilson Communications, Inc. and its sister company Laird Christianson Advertising, Inc.

Sennet Capital acted as intermediary, structuring and brokering a deal in which the best aspects of each party were preserved, while helping to create a new entity which has far surpassed the potential of each entity operating separately. In bringing the parties together, Sennet Capital furnished not only structuring and analytical advice, but also served as a trusted facilitator, working with the parties and their respective partner groups to find mutually acceptable resolutions to concerns and issues in order to bring the transaction to a harmonious conclusion, illustrating Sennet Capital’s approach of bringing more than financial, technical and transactional expertise to its clients by providing hands-on personal involvement to address real issues real-time.

In addition to advisory services, Sennet Capital assisted the Anthology principals by providing financial analysis, financing support, and working with a tax consultant to determine optimum tax strategies. Significantly, Anthology management has stated publicly that the deal would not have been consummated had it not been for Sennet’s role.

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Broadband iTV (BBiTV)

Broadband iTV (BBiTV) developed innovative Web-to-Cable TV applications in 2003 – 2005, including the first-in-the-nation TV Classifieds system on Honolulu’s Oceanic Time Warner Cable network. In July, 2004, BBiTV filed the first in a series of patent application encapsulating various core BBiTV video-on-demand (VOD) innovations. In 2006, the company shifted focus to a strategy of intellectual propriety development and licensing through the expansion and strengthening of its patent portfolio.

The Core of the portfolio provides the content producer with a simplified, Internet-based process for uploading content to cable operator and managing electronic program guide metadata. The portfolio has expanded beyond the basic, traditional VOD mechanisms to include important new trends in the marketplace such as personalized program guide; the delivery of VOD and broadcast content by operators to the Internet-connected devices such as iPhones (known as TVEverywhere); and the delivery of VOD and broadcast content by content producers and online aggregators to Internet-connected devices (known as Over The Top apps).

The patent portfolio development effort has resulted in 45 issued patents and 6 allowed patents in the United States. BBiTV holds patents in six additional countries: Australia (2), Canada, China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore (2). With the securing of these key intellectual property assets, BBiTV has embarked on a plan to monetize the patent portfolio:

– The portfolio development efforts continue, in order to increase the opportunities for infringement, with an additional 14 U.S. and 7 international patents now pending.

– An additional intellectual property law firm has been added to the prosecution team to strengthen our patent examination responses, and additional resources have been allocated to accelerate the patent examinations through increased direct contact and negotiation with the patent examiners; – Research and documentation of infringement of BBiTV intellectual property in the U.S. cable and digital television industries is ongoing;

– Licensing and other patent enforcement initiatives are ongoing, as well.

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Growers Secret

Grower’s Secret was founded in the Hawaiian Islands in 1989 while producing edible mushrooms for the fresh market.

It took 10 years to perfect Grower’s Secret’s complex production process, and an additional 4 years of rigorous applied research to a variety of crops to validate the results.

Grower’s Secret is used in organic farming and agriculture and called a plant growth enhancer. Grower’s Secret signals a plant’s internal system to operate more efficiently.

It has been shown to encourage plants to grow up to 30% larger, with more marketable fruit and reduced growing cycles.

“Everything we do we believe we can improve people’s lives and repair the earth. The way we improve people’s lives and repair the earth is by applying  one of the greatest scientific discoveries of our age.

We just happen to use our discovery to make great fertilizer”.

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Hoike Technology / Century Computers

Sennet Capital facilitated the merger between Hoike Technology and Century Computers. Hoike Technology is an information technology services firm which is part of Island Holdings, a diversified corporation with $500 million in assets, including Island Insurance Company, Ltd., the largest minority-owned insurance company in the U.S., which has been in Hawaii for almost 70 years.

Century Computers, Inc., is also an information technology services company that provides a range of business services to companies throughout the state in areas of networking support services, data center and server management, document managment and scanning services, IT training support and other IT business solutions.


Hoku Solar

Hoku Solar, a Hoku Scientific Company, installed Photovoltaic Energy Systems at seven Hawaii Department of Transportation facilities in order to reduce electrical consumption at these sites. Over their 20-year lifetime, the solar power systems are expected to produce more than 24 million kilowatt-hours of clean solar power and off-set more than 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Sennet Capital arranged the financing and helped structure the deal.



Innovasc is a Honolulu, Hawaii based R&D company that develops devices for minimally invasive repair of blood vessel blockages. Innovasc was founded in 2010 and has generated a family of products that minimize the injury to the vascular system during procedures and promotes the natural healing of blood vessels. Innovasc raised a Series A of $1.8M with the assistance and participation of Sennet Capital in order to initiate the development of this family of products. Dr. Peter Schneider, is a vascular surgeon with 25 years of experience performing minimally invasive vascular procedures. Dr. Schneider has served on the Scientific Advisory Board of Medtronic, Abbott Cardinal Heath and Boston Scientific.

Innovasc developed the serration angioplasty balloon (to open blocked arteries) and the Track (an implant for repair of dissection following angioplasty). Both products have multiple iterations to treat different segments of the blood vessel system. In 2011 Innovasc formed Intact Vascular, to develop the Track Endovascular Staple for use in the treatment of lower extremity blockages. Intact Vascular closed major financing with Quaker Partners, HIG BioVentures and New Enterprise Associates. Intact Vascular is capitalized at $70M. The CEO of Intact Vascular is Bruce Shook, formerly of Neuronetics, which he took to an IPO.

In May 2014, Innovasic formed Cagent Vascular to develop a serration angioplasty balloon. This Modified balloon catheter is used to open blood vessel blockages and prepare the artery for further treatment with drug coated balloons or stents. Several patents have been awarded and the serration balloon was FDA approved in December 2016. Cagent is currently capitalized at $15M. The CEO of Cagent Vascular is Carol Burns, formerly of Embrella.

On April 15, 2019 Innovasc’s Intact Vascular’s Tack Endovascular System received FDA approval. “FDA approval  of the Tack Endovascular System comes at a dynamic time. The Tack’s system’s unique combination of minimal metal and highly targeted dissection repair is an ideal fit with today’s focus on minimizing inflammation and improving long term outcomes,”  stated Bruce Shook, CEO of Intact Vascular.

On May 6, 2019 Intact Vascular announces US launch of the Tack Endovascular with first commercial use in several States around the United States.

pclender is the leading provider of enterprise mortgage lending technology solutions that ensure compliance and profitability. Its suite of SaaS applications, including the award-winning loan origination system, InHouse Mortgage, has revolutionized the ways that mortgage companies, banks and credit unions manage the complete life-cycle of the mortgage loan process. is dedicated to providing mortgage lenders with the highest level of compliance and service for streamlining the mortgage business while maximizing lending efficiencies and increasing profitability. The platform is an end-to-end, Web-based solution that delivers the ability to apply online, originate, process, approve, close, and deliver loans to secondary market investors.’s cost effective solutions provide a seamless process that can be customized to fit a mortgage lenders’ specific needs and implemented within 30 days.

Sennet Capital provided instrumental strategy and structuring assistance to PC Lender which helped it grow into a national platform used by over 235 lenders and is a critical component in their processing of over a billion dollars a month in funded loans. In July 2011, Lender Processing Services (NYSE:LPS) acquired PCLender and will fold the PCLender technology and operations into its origination technology unit and LPS Empower loan origination platform. LPS said it sees the PC Lender platform as a more cost effective origination system for small mortgage companies, credit unions and community banks. According to Don Covey, Managing Director of LPS ,”the addition of gives LPS the opportunity to support more lenders with innovative technology to streamline efficiency, reduce costs and provide even better customer service”.